Volunteers needed at MTL

Volunteers have always played a crucial role in keeping the doors open at the Montgomery Town Library, starting from the days when the Library was 100% run by volunteers who did everything.  We now have one part-time paid director, but at  MTL, our dedicated volunteers still run the front desk (and help with various projects) for many shifts, which is how we can offer 26-29 day, evening, and weekend hours spread across seven days per week. Recently, two members of our team needed to give up their volunteer library shifts for paid jobs elsewhere. So we are looking for two very special people to join us. Please consider taking a turn at helping your local volunteer-powered Library. It’s a big commitment, but it’s rewarding—and even fun!

If you think you might be ready to make a BIG difference in your community by volunteering at the Library and helping to keep the doors open, please click this link to see the job description for Circulation Desk Volunteer.


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MTL Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes -DRAFT (July)


MINUTES July 14, 2014


Trustees – Beth Crane, Rita Kalsmith, Cheryl Wisell, Patty Perl, Patty Hathway, Marijke Dollois

Friends – June Abramowitz

Librarian – Tracey Durgan

Beth called the meeting to order at 6:35 PM.

June Minutes:

Rita made a Motion to approve the Minutes as written, seconded by Patty Hathaway. Motion was unanimously approved.

Librarian’s June Report:

There will be a showing of a Jay Craven movie at the Grange on August 13th. The seeing-eye program will be August 17th.

A discussion took place about the lack of suitable volunteers; there are at least 3-4 positions to be filled. Tracey asked the Board Members for suggestions.

Patty Perl made a Motion to approve the Librarian’s Report as presented, seconded by Patty Hathaway. Motion was unanimously approved.

Warrants and financial reports:

Warrants were approved and signed. Financial reports were passed around for review.

Fundraiser update:

It was a great success; based on receipt we grossed ±$8,300. Patty Hathaway made a motion, seconded by Patty Perl to buy a $50.00 VISA card for Nick Vittum in appreciation for all his work. The Board recognized Darren and Lynn Drevik of the Phineas Swann for being amazing hosts; they went above and beyond to provide a terrific venue for the auction.

A discussion took place about the format and possible changes for next year’s event.

Upcoming conferences: No further report

New business: Air conditioner will be installed next week.

Public Comment:

June reported that Howard Coffin is scheduled for a presentation in October.

The 501-3-C application is in the works; no further report.

Adjourn: At 7:28 PM Patty Perl made a Motion to adjourn, seconded by Patty Hathaway. Motion was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Marijke Dollois

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Friends of the Montgomery Town Library

Friends of the Montgomery Town Library is a new organization created to increase funding opportunities for our community library. Currently the main sources of income are from the town and the annual silent auction. The “Friends” organization is applying for non-profit status which will qualify us for many grant opportunities which the trustees cannot receive as a Town Library. Membership and donations are also tax deductible.

Our goals are to:

  • Raise money above the operating budget
  • Provide additional programming
  • Help with the library “wish” list
  • Build community support for the library and awareness of all that it provides.

Libraries need “Friends” and we have found that the most successful libraries have a strong “Friends” organization behind them. We would like you to consider joining us and becoming a member of “Friends of the Montgomery Town Library.” Your support is vital to our success.

Friends applications can be obtained at the library, on bulletin boards around town, or printed from this link:  Friends of the Montgomery Town Library Form.

Or,  you can fill out the online form on the Friends of MTL page and send your check to the address that follows.

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News from your Library!

NEW! After many months of cataloging items (thousands!) and training staff, the Montgomery Town Library is now automated, in order to provide you with better service. This could not have been done without the tremendous efforts of the library’s dedicated volunteers!

You can search online for books in our collection and see whether they’re checked out or not. You can also manage your library account online — see what books you have out and when they’re due, renew them (if no one has put them on hold), check on your contact information, and put books on hold (remember to select “a specific copy.”) You can also search your reading history online and make suggestions for books you’d like the library to consider ordering.

All this and more at the link on the home page called “Search the Library Catalog” in the online services section.

And here: http://montgomery.kohavt.org/

If you don’t know how to log in, please contact the library and we’ll be glad to help.

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Summer Encore Visits Montgomery July 22

PiratePlayShip PirateCaptainetal PiratePlayGuides

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Theatre Troupe playing at Grange Monday!


Summer Encore is a fifteen year old, four-week summer theatre experience that is an extension of Rutland High School’s co-curricular theatre program. It is designed to provide students ages twelve through eighteen with a chance to be part of a positive, safe and fun learning experience. Everyone is encouraged to participate in all aspects of the production including acting and technical areas. The fourth week is devoted to traveling to libraries throughout Vermont.

This year’s production will be “There Be Treasure Buried Here.” It will be an original story combining the lives and adventures of well known and not so well known pirates. Lady pirates will be a part of this story! The audience will be invited to join in the search for buried treasure with possible prizes for the younger members of the audience.
Suggested audience age 4 through adults.

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July 15, 2013 · 2:45 pm

Arctic Adventure Presentation

IcebergsLocal resident, Melissa Poilly-Hubacek, is a woman who follows through on her dreams! Her zest for adventure and her love of natural beauty have taken her all around the world — most recently to cold places covered with ice and snow. Last year, she treated us to a presentation on Antarctica that was just stunning. The professional quality photographs (shown on our big screen) and other visuals she brought were beautiful and dramatic, and her stories were exciting and inspiring.  Not to mention informational. Some of us in attendance were ready to sign up for the next expedition! The rest were just happy to enjoy the adventure vicariously.

This past fall, Melissa journeyed into The Arctic on an expedition.

On Wednesday, March 27, at 7 pm, she will give a presentation on this Arctic Adventure, here at the library.  Mark the date!


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