Montgomery Town Library was created in 1895 on March 5, when at town meeting a board of library trustees was elected and instructed “to make application to the Library State Board of Commissioners according to the Act of 1894.” 1950 St. Albans Messenger (article found by local historian, Scott Perry).

“The library has had some form of existence since the 1890s, moving from place to place at the librarian’s convenience. Its beginning was in the Center, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lumbra on the Marcy Farm (which now is owned by Gaston Begnoche); it was later moved to the Chase house at the foot of Mill Hill, where Irene Scott served as librarian. Later it was located at the “Mum” Shover home on Main Street, with Mrs. Percy Shover acting as librarian for many years until she was succeeded by Mrs. Laura De Pew in 1964….For many years, Montgomery Village had a library in the home of Mrs. Roy Domina, but in 1965 the Village library was closed and the books were added to the Center collection.” Montgomery Vermont: The History of a Town, by W. R. Branthoover and Sara Taylor, p.105-106.

Mrs. De Pew continued as librarian until at least 1976 (the year the above excerpt was published) and saw the library move to a semi-permanent location in the town building below the town clerk’s office and the post office (where the Teen Center was until recently).

At the end of the 20th century, the¬† library moved into its current space in the Public Safety Building on Mountain Rd. Library directors in the 21st century have included Mikki Ledden, Debbie Landauer, Tracy Durgan, Liz Leroux, and Marlene Stewart. The collection has grown to encompass approximately 9,000 items — books, audio cds, videos, and dvds — not including a small and revolving collection of paperbacks that patrons can trade or buy.

We welcome information, stories, and pictures about the history of the Montgomery Town Library. Please contact the library if you have any memories, documents, or pictures to share. Thank you.


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