The Library
The Montgomery Town Library, which was established in 1895, serves the community of Montgomery Center and Montgomery Village.  The library not only loans books (from classic to very current!) and movies, but also offers the use of wi-fi, computers, online databases; a printer and copier; magazines; downloadable audio and e-books; and interlibrary loans! All of our basic services are free, but modest fees are charged for using the printer or copier.

Library policies are set by the library’s volunteer Board of Trustees, who meet the second Monday of every month at 6:30 pm in the library or PSB meeting room:

Trustees: Term (3/5 yrs):
Patty Hathaway 2017
Cheryl Wisell 2019
Marijke Dollois, Chair 2019
Patty Perl 2018
Jane Presler 2016
Claire Draper 2018
Rita Kalsmith 2018

The Staff

Library director: Marlene Hambleton

. Reach Marlene at 326-3113 or email montgomery.librarian@gmail.com

The rest of the staff are volunteers whose exceptional and dedicated assistance help the library stay open many more hours than it could otherwise. These personable and talented people make the Montgomery Town Library an especially friendly place:  a true community library.

Mission Statement: Montgomery Town Library

The mission of the Montgomery Town Library is to acquire and make available a variety of up-to-date quality materials, information, resources, and services, which will fulfill the educational, informational, cultural and entertainment needs of the residents of our community and surrounding area in a convenient, welcoming, and respectful way.


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