Wonderful World of Bats: Presentation!

WONDERFUL WORLD OF BATS  introduces audiences to local and tropical bats. Via interactive dialogue, amazing slides, and taped bat calls, we move beyond old stereotypes, to understand the vital importance of bats in our environment.  We will learn how bats control insect populations, pollinate night blooming flowers, and disperse seeds. We learn about vampire bats, migration and hibernation, and echolocation.

Audiences will see vivid slide photos of our own Big Brown Bat, the
Silver Haired Bat, and the Desert Red Bat. Eyes light up at such
phenomenal creatures at Townsend’s Big Eared Bat, and the Pallid Bat.
We will listen to bat calls, made audible using a bat detector.

The program concludes with a wonderful bat tee shirt craft (kids may
purchase heavy cotton shirts from Mr. Schneider for $4.00, or bring their own tee-shirts) Registration not necessary, but the first 10 kids to sign up get the T-shirt free!

Jerry Schneider, a teacher and native of Vermont, has presented nature programs throughout the northeast for the past twelve years and BAT programs since 2003. See this link for pictures and more info on his Bat program: GO BATTY!

Saturday, August 4th at 4 pm
At the Library!


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