New Fiction

Scalzi, John                       Fuzzy Nation
Aird, Catherine               Past Tense: a Sloan and Crosby Mystery
Binchy, Maeve                 Heart and Soul
Brooks, Geraldine           Caleb’s Crossing
Hart, Carolyn G.             Dead by midnight: a death on demand
Parker, Robert B.           Sixkill
Parker, Michael              The Watery Part of the World: a novel
Patchett, Ann                  State of Wonder
Perry, Thomas               The Informant
Russell, Karen                Swamplandia!
Sandford, John              Buried Prey
Shteyngart, Gary         Super Sad True Love Story: a novel
Spencer, Sally                Echoes of the Dead: A DCI Monika Paniatowski Mystery
Stroby, Wallace             A Cold Shot to the Heart: a Novel
Watson, S.J.                   Before I Go To Sleep
Woodrell, Daniel            The Bayou Trilogy: Under the Bright Lights, Muscle for the Wing, and The Ones You Do
Udall,  Brady                  The Lonely Polygamist


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