Mark Twain’s Unexpurgated Autobiography — Just Released!

“I was always heedless. I was born heedless; and therefore I was constantly, and quite un-consciously, committing breaches of the minor proprieties, which brought upon me humiliations which ought to have humiliated me but didn’t, because I didn’t know anything had happened.” (p. 385)

Mark Twain, born Samuel Clemens, left strict instructions that parts of his autobiography not be published until 100 years after his death, so that he would be free to speak his “whole frank mind.” 2010 marks the 100th year, and here is the book we’ve all been waiting for—full of personal stories, encounters with other historical persons, and off-the-cuff opinions. Spiked, of course, with gossip, vitriol, and salacity. And graced—here and there—with evocative, lyrical descriptions of childhood and other remembrances.

“Wry and cranky, droll and cantankerous—that’s the Mark Twain we think we know, thanks to reading ‘Huck Finn’ and ‘Tom Sawyer’ in high school. But in his unexpurgated autobiography . . . a very different Twain emerges, more pointedly political and willing to play the role of the angry prophet. Whether anguishing over American military interventions abroad or delivering jabs at Wall Street tycoons, this Twain is strikingly contemporary.” New York Times

“Mark Twain dictated much of this book from a big rumpled bed. Reading it is a bit like climbing in there with him.” Roy Blount, Jr.

You can find this brand new book of Mark Twain’s—along with several of his other books—at the Montgomery Town Library. See our display above the little black cart.


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