Fairy Houses!

This morning at the Library, we made fairy houses, so that any fairies living around the library will have nice little shelters in which to spend the winter!  First, we read about fairies and fairy houses.

Then, we  assembled the houses on a table inside. It was fun!

To make the fairy homes, we used thick bark and thin, shaggy, curly bark. We used big leaves, from an American Basswood tree, and soft spiky spruce twigs (that the wind had blown off someone’s tree).

And we used moss and the ferny foilage of asparagus that was never eaten last spring. And dried echinacea and black-eyed Susan centers, and  grape vines with twisty tendrils. And staghorn sumac berries. And little sticks from an apple tree that needed pruning. And wood fungus, and many other woodsy things.


When we finished, we carefully carried them out to the edge of the forest, where we found a beauteous, multi-trunked maple tree, just waiting for our houses. They blend in with the forest floor, but look closely. See them? You can make fairy houses at home, too!



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2 responses to “Fairy Houses!

  1. Debbie Landauer

    That is such a fabulous looking fairy house! The fairies around there are very lucky!

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