New books coming soon!

Some new nonfiction books are en route to the library. Among them are three harrowing books in a similar vein to Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer:

No Way Down: Life and Death on K2, by Graham Bowley About the disastrous K2 expedition on August 2, 2008, when eleven climbers died. New York Times review. Profiled on NPR’s Morning Edition (link).

One Mountain, Thousand Summits: the Untold Story of Tragedy and True Heroism on K2, by Fred Wilkinson — also about the August 2, 2008 expedition, this book is written by an experienced mountain climber who examines what went wrong that day and why. His book also provides the Sherpas’ version of events. Profiled on NPR’s Morning Edition (link).

Blind Descent: the Quest to Discover the Deepest Place on Earth, by James Tabor — Documents Bill Stone’s and Alexander Klimchouk’s explorations of  super caves. Stone’s cave of choice in this book is the Cheve in Southern Mexico; Klimchouk’s is the Krubera, which is 7,000 vertical feet down. Profiled on NPR’s All Things Considered (link). Washington Post review. Dallas News review.

Others include:
What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets, Peter Menzel and Faith D’Aluisio –80 people from 30 countries have their picture taken with the food they eat in a day. On NPR’s All Things Considered.

Provenance: How a Con Man and Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art, by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo.

Spoken from the Heart, by Laura Bush —Memoir. Washington Post review.

Faith, Interrupted, by Eric Lax
Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World, by Liaquat Ahamed
Age of Wonder: How the Romantic Generation Discovered the Beauty and Terror of Science, by Richard Holmes
____ My Dad Says, by Justin Halpern


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  1. Debbie Landauer

    Interesting titles! I will get a couple for Fairfax too.

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