Welcome to Montgomery Town Library

Don’t miss our year-round book to film series! Click on the schedule to see what’s next.

Coming up Friday, July 21: our annual Wine & Cheese Reception and Silent Auction at the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast in downtown Montgomery Center!  Te auction features many items from talented local craftspeople and artists, donations and gift certificates from local and regional businesses, a Jay Peak Season Pass, and more….Click here for details or to download the flier.

Have you visited your library lately? The space has been reorganized to make room for the many new books and film DVDs we’ve acquired. Come in and enjoy some time in the children’s room or the Jim Abbott biography reading room. Peruse the expanded young adult section.

You can search online for books in our collection. You can also manage your library account online — see what books you have out and when they’re due, renew them (if no one has put them on hold), check on your contact information, and put books on hold (remember to select “specific copy.”) You can also search your reading history or make suggestions for books you’d like the library to consider ordering.

All this and more at the link, below, called “Koha Library System.”

Free Online Content:

The following free services are available to all Montgomery Town Library card holders.  Follow the links below to access online content.  Please contact the Library for account numbers or passwords.

 listen up logo 2  UniversalClass

Online Catalog



volbkmrk4  News,  articles, language lessons.

Auto Repair Manuals



2 responses to “Welcome to Montgomery Town Library

  1. Marta Fudakowska

    I have about 10-12 books that I would like to donate to your library. If you can let me know if this interests you, please get in touch. I can provide the titles once I hear from you.
    I am driving in from Montreal tomorrow, Friday, and can drop them off at the door.

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